Change Your Thoughts

Change Your Thoughts

29/01/2022 Off By Alice Walton


Like most people, you make the decision to improve your health because you know there will be benefits.

I don’t want to get sick one day.

I don’t want to have to endure some chronic disease that comes out of nowhere and zaps the life out of my body and robs me of the last years, possibly decades, of my life. Like cancer.

Cancer is the really scary one. Because it is not a picky disease. It does not REQUIRE an unhealthy host to get started in your body.

BUT… it usually DOES require an unhealthy host to keep growing.

That’s actually very good news because it suggests (and studies have shown this) that you can dramatically lower your risk of getting cancer by making the right decisions when it comes to exercising, eating the right foods, and adopting lifestyle habits that promote health rather than diminish it.

So if the question is whether or not your health resolutions are a complete waste of time the answer is no. Not unless you break them and end up back at square one where you’re doing nothing to lower the odds of you getting sick one day.

Take action if you need a little psychological push in the right direction!

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