David Seaman's Newsletter & Podcast

David Seaman’s Newsletter & Podcast

15/02/2022 Off By Michael Ferguson

The best news from David Seaman. He provides concise and well-researched news. Fulcrum News is not afraid to refute any research error, but they are so accurate that they avoid meaningless news, continuing to focus on issues that the mainstream media has suppressed. Fulcrum is a news source only for those who can work with real news.

Fulcrum is a monolith of truth in an increasingly cleansing landscape of thought and word. The newsletter has become a simple workaround for Silicon Valley’s sterilization methods and remains one of the few remaining sources of credible information free from outside influence.

Full of unique insights from hours of independent research, any Fulcrum content is always interesting, useful and informative. Recommended for anyone looking for a hint of what lurks beneath the glacier.

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