Experience Feelings of Inner Peace

Experience Feelings of Inner Peace

31/01/2022 Off By Alice Walton


InnaPeace™ is a series of CD-quality audio tracks with soothing sounds of nature and pleasant tones for relaxation and meditation.

Each deeper InnaPeace™ track also includes comprehensive support material, a document which explains how to achieve the maximum benefits from this breakthrough brainwave guidance technology and what to expect at each stage.

The brainwave guidance technology (3xPureTone™) built into InnaPeace™ is so cutting-edge, it’s unlike anything else in many respects.

Now here’s an illustration of the brain before and after using InnaPeace™ brainwave guidance technology. It shows the process of synchronising the brain’s activity into alignment toward whole-brain-thinking.

When starting an exercise program, your muscles, heart and lungs can only handle so much. You start slow and work your way up to higher intensity.

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