24/01/2022 Off By Alice Walton


By using subliminal text and images to focus on your subconscious mind MindMaster produces instant and powerful suggestions to your mind, your attitude, and your habits to help you kick the smoking habit.
MindMaster flashes your chosen affirmations–both words and images–on your computer screen while you work or play.

You won’t even be aware they’re working. But your subconscious acts like a powerful receiver, taking them in and acting on them to make instantly to re-enforce your desire to quit smoking permanently.

A common problem with many quit-smoking cures is that people resume the habit a few months after they quit. With MindMaster, your non-smoking affirmations display on your computer screen as long as you want, greatly reducing your desire to light up a cigarette.

Many people, especially women, tend to put on weight after they stop smoking. And here’s where MindMaster can really help. You just use different messages and images to help curb your desire to eat more as you are trying to quit.

You can use MindMaster to help you achieve goals in many other aspects of your life… Imagine what you could accomplish with a powerful subconscious belief in yourself! A belief that grows with every minute you spend at your computer!

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