Natural Synergy

Natural Synergy

29/01/2022 Off By Alice Walton


The Natural Synergy System treats severe pain and many common diseases at their root cause by accelerating the body’s response to healing.

Eastern medicine states that the root of all health problems (physical, mental & emotional) can be traced back to energy blockages in our meridian system. Energy blockages can be a result of many external influences such as poor diet, un-natural irritants, chemicals and pollutants.

Unfortunately, our body can be carried away by other people’s frequencies. Electromagnetic frequency radiation (EMF) is found almost everywhere, and disrupts our natural energy flow… also causing energy blockages within our meridian systems. But by using the right biofrequency, you can synchronize the blocked meridian back to its natural free state.

This is an extremely powerful tool, you can expect fantastic results with either of these acu-therapies, acupressure or acu-acoustics by itself… But it turns into a holistic experience if you have some quiet time for deep relaxation where you can apply both practices together.

The Natural Synergy system treats a host of common pains and ailments in as little as 3 minutes a day. Killing pain with the release of 4 different natural pain-killing opioid endorphins at once… By simply applying massaged pressure to the correct acupoint while meditating to its matching bio-frequency – you’ll feel relief flow like an open faucet.

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